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GS1(EAN/UPC Barcode) Registration  
The following steps needs to be followed for implementation of barcoding on retail products (Stock Keeping Units)

Step 1. Registration with EAN-India:
Companies need to get registered with EAN-India to get a unique company prefix. This unique company prefix identifies the company. The number of digits in company prefix depends on the number of product types (or SKU’s) you have indicated in the EAN/UPC application form submitted to EAN India.
Step 2. Read the Implementation Guide:
It is suggested that you read the implementation guide provided to you by EAN India at the time of registration (which may be in the form of CD/Book). Implementation guide provides introduction about bar coding, EAN.UCC standards, its uses and how to proceed for the implementation of the same.

Use the company prefix allotted to you on registration, allot product code to all your product types. The product code that you will give to your product types will comprise of three parts:

a. Company prefix: This is the company prefix allotted to you on registration by EAN India.
b. Item Id: The next few digits should be used by a company to allocate Item Id’s to each of its products for identification. For example for the products
Gulab Jamun Mix 100gms - Item Id may be 00001
Gulab Jamun Mix 200gms carton - Item Id may be 00002
Idli Mix 200gms - Item Id may be 00003
Different Item Id’s should be allocated to products for different packaging sizes, different colors, different variants, and different constituents.
Please note the length of the Item Id depends on length of company prefix allocated.
c. Check Digit: The last digit is the check digit, which is a number calculated according to the algorithm called modulo 10. Check digit calculators are available on the following page on EAN India.
An example has been given below:
8 9 0 4 0 0 0 X X X X X C has been allotted to you. 8 9 0 4 0 0 0 is your prefix which will be common for all the product codes. The Item Id’s given for products and check digits have been given below:


Company Prefix

Item Id allocated

Check digit using calculator

Product Number

Gulab Jamun Mix 100 gms





Gulab Jamun Mix 200 gms





Idli Mix 200gms





Step 4. Entry of product codes into
The product codes allocated in Step 3 need to be entered into the website . This will give you two benefits:
1) Approval of the allocated product codes can be done online by EAN India
2) Your company and product data will become a part of a worldwide buyer-seller database, which will give a lot of visibility to your products in the national and international markets.

Step 5. Barcode Printing:
Now that the complete numbers for all the products have been allotted to all your products. The next step would be to get these numbers generated into bar-codes for incorporation as a part of the product packaging design or the barcodes be printed as stickers to be pasted on the package.
Option 1: Modifying artwork to incorporate barcode: A one-time modification to the artwork will be required. The cost involved in this step will be low and organizations involved in generating your packaging (advertising agency or printer) are aware of how to incorporate barcode on product packaging. In case of any clarifications required they may contact the EAN India office.
Option 2: Barcodes printed as stickers to be pasted on products: You can get stickers made by a bar-code solution provider or you may procure a barcode printer from solution providers and generate stickers on your own. This decision will depend on the number of stickers you generate on an annual basis. An indicative list of bar-code solution providers is provided on website

Step 6. Barcode Verification:
The next step after generation of bar codes is verification of bar code by EAN India. Barcode verification of products helps a company to access the scannability and quality of barcode on its product packaging. In the verification exercise “Verifier” equipment is used which checks the following barcode size, barcode printing quality, barwidth gain, structure of barcode, correct margins, correct color combinations and various other features and gives a detailed report.

Document Require::

The following documents are required to be
Registration form duly filled and signed along with the product classification.
Copy of PAN card of the applicant company. In case of Proprietorship firm, copy of PAN card of the Proprietor.
Proof of status of applicant company.
for Proprietorship firm – copy of VAT Registration certificate
for Partnership firm – copy of VAT Registration certificate/ Partnership deed
for Pvt. Ltd / Public Ltd etc– copy of ROC / ROS / MOA / VAT Registration certificate.
Forwarding / Request letter on company letterhead towards allocation company prefix number.
Copy of your balance sheet as on 31st March, 2011. In event of your annual sales turnover as on 31st March,2011 is up to RS. 60 Lakhs, please attach a self-declaration on your company letterhead for the same











































































































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