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A combination of UV flexographic, letter press, digital, lithographic, screen, thermal transfer and hot and cold foil printing. All of which produce every label you will ever need from a single source.
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Anodised labels ::  

Anodised labels and badges are the ultimate in product branding.
Asset tracking labels ::  

With a range of valuable assets, your business needs the ability to track its computers, office equipment and machinery.
Barcoded labels ::  
We supply pre-printed barcoded labels on a range of face paper and adhesives induding permanent, peelable, deep-freeze and blockout backing.
Blockout / opaque labels ::  

Blockout label material enables retailers to over-label existing information, such as price, with a black or blue adhesive, blocking out the previous product information underneath.

Blood bag labels ::  
Blood bag labels include one of the most important applications for barcoding and identification, matching products to patients, providing an audit trail and reducing errors.
Booklet / label combinations ::  

Today products must carry a lot  information.
BS5609 Approved labels ::  

If you export chemicals from the INDIA and are responsible for shipping chemical products by sea you may need to ensure compliance with the Merchant Shipping Regulations.
Braille labels ::

We have been actively involved in improving packaging safety.
Cable / wire marking labels  ::  

For the easy identification of cables and wires, use 'cable-wrap' labels, available in customized sizes, colours and with variable data.
Carrier labels  ::  

Also known as integrated labels, carrier labels consist of a base document (carrier) and a backing sheet.
CD / DVD labels ::  

We offer from stock a range of plain or pre-printed self adhesive labels for everything from diskette faces to video spines.
CE labels ::  
We offer a massive range of CE labels and nameplates for the compliance marking of equipment, machinery, medical devices, personal protective equipment, radio and telecommunications, pressure vessels
Chemical drum labels ::  
Chemical drum labelling is one of the most challenging areas in the whole of the industry.
Chemical manufacturing/supply labels ::  

Wherever goods and raw materials are transported, there are statutory requirements to indicate hazardous cargoes.
Chemical warning labels ::  

A range of stock chemical warning labels, diamonds and symbols, these can be supplied as singles or on roll, all manufactured on a BS5609 approved vinyl.
Continuous tickets ::  

We are major suppliers of continuous tickets for tourist attractions, theatres and cinemas, museums and exhibitions, arts centers, sports and other special events.
Cryogenic labels ::  

We supply a range of specialist cryogenic labels using adhesives and materials that can adhere to surfaces at the cryogenic temperatures of liquid nitrogen.
Dairy labels ::  
Utilising the latest coating techniques, we can now supply sophisticated laminates that match the demanding environments of high-speed dairy bottling lines.
Decals ::  
Decals are used to decorate and identify products, places, equipment or systems, communicate ideas, instructions or warnings; promote companies, programs, services or events.
Deep freeze labels ::  

We supply a range of labels with various deep freeze adhesives.
Direct Food labels ::  

We supply labels to be applied directly onto various foodstuffs.
Direct thermal labels ::  

Direct thermal printing is an old technology originally designed for low cost copiers and fax machines
Dissolvable labels ::  

We can supply a range of specialist wash off labels using adhesives and /or materials that will dissolve and disintegrate in water.
Domed labels ::  

These labels or emblems are a way of adding that "quality" feel to most manufactured products.
Dry peel cards  ::  

A label construction in which two materials are bonded together with a dry adhesive
Electrical test labels ::  

The Health and Safety Executive states that about one quarter of all reportable electrical accidents at work involve portable electrical equipment, and there are about five fatalities each year involving such equipment
Embossed labels  ::  
For that added aesthetic touch why not emboss your label? We can create embossed labels with stunning effects, highlighting product or brand names.
Fabric/Garment labels ::  
Woven labels immediately convey quality in a garment.
Fascia labels ::  

In many industrial applications it's essential to permanently identify products, equipment and valuable assets.
Fragranced labels ::  

Fragrenced labels are also known as 'scratch and sniff' labels, these are manufactured by encapsulating a fragrance within a coating.
Glow in the dark labels ::  

Primarily used in the toy industry, this unique ink system after a short exposure to daylight or bright artificial light, will then emit a visible glow in a darkened room.
High temperature labels ::  

We are experts in supplying labels whose adhesives can widthstand up to 300 degrees Farenheit.
Holographic labels ::  

Be it adding extra security or enhancing brand integrity, holographic labels may be the answer.
Horticultural tags ::  

We are huge suppliers of pre-printed self adhesive labels, tie on tags, swing tickets, stick-in labels, price tickets and bed cards.
Kapton labels ::  

Printed circuit board labels (also known as polyimide label, Kapton label, or pcb labels) may require Kapton label materials which can withstand process temperatures in excess of 250°C.
Laboratory labels ::  

Our durable labels enable the easy identification of tubes, vials, slides, specimens, glassware and laboratory equipment of all shapes and sizes.
Laminated labels ::  

We can supply any label type either matt or gloss laminated for outdoor or specialist applications.
Luggage labels / tags  

We can supply a range of plain or part printed tie on tags for cases and bags.
Mark and seal labels  

Mark and Seal also known as 'Write and Seal' is the ideal solution to labelling when you need to add your own information to the printed label and then seal it beneath a protective laminate.
Multi-part label sets ::  
We are major suppliers of label sets for all industries.
Odette labels ::  

Odette Labels are the industry standard for Labelling in the Automotive Industry.
Pallet labels ::  

We offer a huge range of pre-printed shipping carton and pallet labels from stock
PAT labels ::  

The Health and Safety Executive states that about one quarter of all reportable electrical accidents at work involve portable electrical equipment, and there are about five fatalities each year involving such equipment
PCB labels ::  
The identification of printed circuit boards is made simple by our high-temperature label range

When selecting a label type, it is important to determine exactly what they must withstand.
Peel and reveal labels ::  

We offer a range of peel and reveal labels with a self-adhesive base label incorporating a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces.
Pharmaceutical and healthcare labels ::  

Pharmaceutical labelling is an area in the labelling industry characterized by a wide range of applications.
Piggyback labels ::  

We offer a range of bespoke piggyback label solutions.
Plain white fanfolded ::  

We offer the largest range of plain white fan folded labels of any supplier in the INDIA.
Plain white rolls ::  

We offer the largest range of plain white on roll labels of any supplier in the INDIA.
Price gun labels ::  

We offer a range of bespoke and stock, plain and printed labels for all manufacturers of price guns.
Rating labels ::  
This is the type of label you would expect to find on the back of a TV set, computer, power supply, video recorder or other electrical appliance, ie, they need to last for the life of the product
Recyclable labels ::  
The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and a proposal for a Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
Repositonable labels ::  
We can offer labels that feature a repositionable adhesive, meaning the label can be removed without leaving behind any residue, then reapplied without the label lifting.
Retail labels ::  
With own brand product ranges and point of sale promotions within the retail sector, demand for high quality labels, on papers and synthetics, either die-cut self adhesive or full wrap around, has significantly increased.
Reverse printed labels ::  

These are labels on which the print is applied to the underside of the label film.
Scratch off labels ::  
We supply a range of scratch-off labels for the direct mail, promotional, retail, telephone and security markets.
Security labels ::  

Tamper-evident labels are an important means of stopping fraudulent activity.
Shipping labels ::  
We offer a huge range of pre-printed shipping carton and pallet labels from stock, please click here for  details

Solvent resistant labels ::  

In some situations your labels may be constantly exposed to water and also various chemicals.
Tactile warning labels ::  
All chemicals sold to the public that are labelled 'very toxic', 'corrosive', 'toxic', 'harmful' or 'extremely flammable' must by law have a tactile warning label to alert the blind or partially sighted that thye are handling a dangerous product.
Textured labels ::  

We offer specialist labels that feature a textured ink formulation, creating the look and feel of a raised area of foam.
Thermal Transfer labels  
Thermal transfer printing is used for variable information printing of batch codes, sequential numbers, text, diagrams and barcodes

Labels produced by thermal transfer are  durable their direct thermal counterparts, and produce cleaner and crisper images.
Thermal Transfer ribbons ::  

We offer the largest selection of thermal transfer ribbons from a single source in the INDIA
Transparent labels ::  

The quality of consumer goods is communicated  and  by the excellence of the branded product label
Ultra-destructible labels ::  

One of the most popular types of security labels, tamper seals using ultra destructible materials, typically PVC (vinyl) or acetate, are one of the most basic and established techniques to ensure that a label cannot be removed and reapplied at all.
VOID Labels  
. One of the most popular type of security and asset tracking labels, made from a polyester material, this product offers good adhesion and durability.
Water soluble labels ::  

We can supply a range of specialist wash off labels using adhesives and /or materials that will dissolve and disintegrate in water.















































































































































































































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